Tax Services

The compliance with obligations is an area where you should not take risks because breach of them may have very negative consequences for your business.

The firm has a team of senior tax consultants. This area has achieved prestige in the field of tax consulting, backed by a large number of both major national and foreign companies.

Also the demand imposed on our specialists can provide customers with quality service and security in the tax operations performed.

The tax consulting is defined to provide a service with the highest standard of technical expertise, security and experience to our customers, considering that the taxation in Chile is subject to a rigorous legal framework, controlled by regulatory agencies of great technical capacity and technology.

Our services ensure compliance with all legal requirements regarding accounting and taxes of the company are met and include the preparation and filing of all tax returns.

Petitions and Administrative Presentations

The firm provides advice in the presentation and procedures before the Internal Revenue Service regarding administrative requests petitions on returns of unduly paid taxes, correction of declarations, written consultations on official interpretations of tax provisions by the Internal Revenue Service and administrative applications to qualify for exemptions or compliance with formalities required by law.

Advice on Economic and Financial Legislation

It includes the study and advice on economic and financial matters established in the DL. N° 600 on Foreign Investment; Central Bank norms on capital internments and foreign credits, established in the Compendium of Norms on International Exchange and other laws applicable in financial economic matters.

Tax Returns

Constituted by the advice and preparation of monthly and annual tax returns, according to the demands and requirements of the current tax system. This involves advising on pre- and final stages of determination of taxes and credits that corresponds according to their monthly or annual basis.

Double Taxation Agreement

Agreements between countries tend to defend their income, while avoiding duplication of the tax burden to businesses. Since international transactions between companies are constantly changing, just as happens with the agreements signed by the tax authorities of the countries where they operate. Analysis of these, there may be significant benefits and competitive advantages for your company.

Transfer Pricing Study

Increases in the tax authority controls, is necessary to have a thorough analysis of transfer pricing in multinational companies for the purpose of fulfilling the legal requirements, and minimize the risks related to taxes and customs duties.

The transfer pricing legislation has undergone significant changes affecting any operation carried out between a company and its head office, its individual shareholder or administrator.

The new regime introduces new obligations for the tax payer.

  • The information on related party transactions will be included in the declarations of corporate tax.
  • The obligation of documentation of related party transactions is established. The documentation must be prepared and kept by the taxpayer.
  • All related party transactions should be valued according to the principle of free competition (market value).
  • The burden of proof is on the taxpayer.
  • A new penalty system is introduced. The tax administrator will sanction missing data, incorrect or false.

We have a specialized transfer pricing working team that will help you organize a global strategy that will maximize the efficiency of transactions and minimize fiscal risks.

Independent Reviews for International Outsourcing

The Business advisory services provided through the UHY network include the preparation of financial statements for year-end, reviews of the accounts and assistance in the preparation of budgets and financial projections.

UHY member companies are able to help develop or revise business plans and conduct independent business reviews and valuations of lenders and investors.

Many customers have used our international network to help expansion into new markets, develop border companies, joint ventures or to outsource business processes to lower costs.

Restructuring of Family Companies

We have spent many years working with family businesses, so we understand their needs and we use our knowledge to offer the best solutions in each case.

We will help you design the most appropriate corporate structure, one that guarantees that the dividends, interests and rights are taken into account and allow maximum rates of return.

We offer:

  • Advice on succession.
  • Creation of the administration and family board.
  • Protocol development of the company.
  • Development of the company statutes.
  • Registration of the protocol and statutes in the registration of Real Estate.
  • Structuring the business to separate operating companies of the holding of goods.

Summons of the Internal Revenue Service

Tax inspections occur when companies are in inconsistency between the information available and the one declared by the taxpayer whether is a natural person or a company.

In many cases it may be a small clarification but in others it can be very serious so before a review of the IRS it is advisable to contact professional advisors that tell you exactly the steps to follow.

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