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Audit of Financial Statements

In each audit we po beyond the assessment of financial information to offer customers a complete and objective analysis that allows identifying the risks and strengths of your company and its growth prospects.

Due diligence

The speed with changing business environments causes the appearance of opportunities but also threats and risks. For that reason it is increasingly common for companies to be bought and sold by its shareholders. When this occurs and after the first previous agreements, both financial institutions and investors seek a limited review, a “Due Diligence”. In this type of negotiation time is a critical factor and the auditing firm that has entrusted the “Due Diligence” must display flexibility that allows meeting the customers need without compromising the level of professional work or periods agreed by the parties.

Special Investigations

There are numerous situations in which an independent review of the state of the accounts of a company is required.

We are prepared to analyze in depth and objectively all aspects of the financial information of a company.

We are specialized in research of legal, commercial and contractual, personal and familiar.

Audit Process

Internal procedures in every business change at an alarming rate, must adapt to the business. In this scenario, it is essential to maintain the structure of controls and an adequate flow of information, avoiding duplication of functions.

Sox compliance

The validity of the law Sarbanes Oxley in the United States requires that the management of the company, show that internal controls in key processes have been established and tested to ensure the transparency of the information provided to shareholders. Our team of specialists will assess these processes, and will issue its report according to the guidelines of the PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board), to which UHY Guinazu & Associates SpA is registered.

Labor Audit

Ensures that your company complies fully with the legal requirement, evaluates the payroll strategy and measures the possibility of claims or plaints in labor matters.