Construction & real estate

From local building companies to international consultancy groups, member firms across the UHY network have extensive experience of working with clients at every level of the construction and real estate sector.

Our member firms help clients navigate a challenging funding environment, leveraging the strong relationships developed with investors and funders able to provide finance for projects.

They work with clients to help deal with a changing landscape as the industry increasingly shifts towards the provision of more specialist services demanded by customers.

As well as helping clients deal with on-going economic challenges, UHY member firms provide specialist advice in areas such as issues around the treatment of property assets under national and international accountancy standards.

In UHY Guinazu & Associates we know in depth this sector and we are ready to help our customers by offering a full range of professional services including:

  • Acquisition appraisals, Due Diligence, and investment project analysis.
  • Increase in share capital, creation of new share classes
  • Raising finance for your foreign operations
  • Risk analysis
  • Tax and corporate services
  • Advisory on business structures
  • Business services and outsourcing
  • Payroll and bookkeeping