Energy and Environment

Energy consumption increases internationally, while traditional resources are diminishing. Prices soar, and governments are trying to position themselves to secure this fundamental element, seeking alliances and new alternatives for production.

Power energy companies in Chile have entered different generation alternatives, such as, central passage, wind, geothermal, thermal, solar, photovoltaic, coal, among others renewable energy. This is accompanied by market liberalization that has produced enormous changes in the energy scene in Chile.

UHY Guinazu & Associates understands that the particular situation of this sector in Chile makes it a sector that does not allow easy interpretation so it is essential to count with the advice of professional experts on:

  • Audit and accounting
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Sustainability
  • Regulatory advice and business among others


Regarding the environmental sector, it is a fact that this sector is not a future bet anymore but a present one. During the economical crisis employment in the sector has not grown, however concepts such as recycling, reused, energetic saving, coherent management of waste have been integrated in a big part of our society’s life.


Corporations are increasingly aware that an economic and social development must coexist with environmental actions that contribute to preserve the planet and human civilization itself.

Companies tackle the proceedings in environmental matters from a triple perspective:

  1. Meet existing legal requirements and, in our case, they have their spine in international guidelines
  2. Reduce costs, mainly energy
  3. Increase their qualification to the elements that constitute it and the company itself

Our consultancy, on environmental issues covers advice, training and management procedures related to the activity of the company or other organizations, in the context where it develops its goals and future options.

  • Planning and intelligent planning / smarts
  • Urban-environmental procedures
  • Environmental assessments, impacts, processing and economic analysis
  • Sustainability strategies

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also an internal reference element of the company, the company with its immediate surroundings and qualification tool for the organization.