About us

Corporate Social Responsibility

UHY Guinazu & Associates has introduced different CSR measures that translate into a number of economic, social and environmental commitments that add value to the firm’s compliance of all its legal obligations, and has the objective of contributing to the social and economic progress within the framework of a sustainable development.

Our CSR policy takes into account the needs and expectations of our interest groups:

  • Clients: delivering always professional services of the highest standards oriented to client service, flexibility, work ethics and results.
  • Professionals: offering a healthy work environment that offers the best work/life balance conditions where there is an open channel for communication between all professionals, independently of their professional category.
  • Society: supporting programs and projects directed to help those social groups that need it the most.
  • Environment: optimizing resources and developing recycling processes.

Our CSR policy goes beyond the legal obligations as it voluntary establishes a number of norms and procedures that benefit society and allows the continuous economic growth of the firm.